RockWorks20 * is the newest version of RockWare’s integrated software package for geological data management, analysis, and visualization. Whether you are working with surface or sub-surface data, local maps or global points, RockWorks offers a complete suite of easy-to-use tools for modeling, image creation, and report generation.

RockWorks runs in Windows 7/8/10 and is available with single, network, and time-limited licenses.

The program is offered with these feature levels:
RockWorks Free - Contains the three graphic viewers of RockWorks - RockPlot2D, RockPlot3D, ReportWorks - at no charge.
RockWorks Basic - Contains the viewers, plus the Datasheet and Borehole Database, all of the ModOps, Utilities, and Graphics programs, plus Borehole Operations Maps and Striplogs.
RockWorks Standard - Includes the Basic features, plus all of the Borehole Operations modeling programs.
RockWorks Advanced - Includes the Standard features, plus SQL Server support, command scripts, borehole Production menu programs, and custom PLSS land grids.


Main Topics

* Note that the program name is "RockWorks2020" in the year "2020" and increments to "RockWorks2021" the year 2021, and so on. Thus you will see the use of the name "RockWorks20xx" or just "RockWorks20" in this documentation.

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