Project Settings

RockWorks stores your database, data files, models, graphics, and other files for your work in specific folders called Project Folders. Each project stores its own settings which define spatial and other information about the site.

Where they are displayed: The project-related items are displayed at the top of the main program window.

Project Folder: The name of the current Project Folder is displayed below the uppermost menu bar. See the Project Overview topic for information about creating and opening projects.


Project Settings: Expand the Project Settings are shown in an expanding/collapsing pane, using the small button to the left of the Project Folder name.

Here is a summary of the settings tabs which are available; click the links shown for more information.

Important:When using RockWorks, your XY units can be in meters and the Z unit can be in feet IN THE DATABASE, but model output (RockPlot3D files, maps, contours, etc.) is always in ALL FEET or ALL METERS (one or the other).


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