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Each project you work on in RockWorks must have its own folder, called a Project Folder, on your computer. The Project Folder is where the project database (.SQLite)* of the same name is created, for storage of borehole data or (if you're working in the RockWorks datasheet) of miscellaneous project files. Graphic files, grid and solid models, and other accessory files for that project should also be saved in the Project Folder.

Conceptually, a project should contain data for a specific geographic location.

When you create a new project in RockWorks, you'll be creating three new items on your computer:

The name of the current project folder is displayed at the top of the RockWorks program window:

RockWorks: Project folder name

This section discusses how to manage project folders - creating new ones, opening existing ones, creating sub-sites. See the Project Settings topic for information about setting up the project coordinate system, coordinate dimensions, units, user notes, etc.


* RockWorks defaults to a local SQLite database (.SQLite). You can choose a local Microsoft Access (.MDB) if you prefer. The Advanced level of RockWorks also offers the ability to use Microsoft’s SQL Server as the data server. MS SQL databases are not stored in the project folder, but in the defined server location. The sequence of steps listed here will differ for SQL Server and other non-local databases.

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