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Use this program to create a 2-dimensional (flat) strip log of a single well, displaying observed data entered into the Borehole Manager data tables. The log can include any combination of the available log items. The boring can be vertical, inclined, or deviated - you can specify the view angle to define how any non-vertical holes will be projected. You can 'unwind' deviated logs that project onto themselves, or they can be plotted vertically using TVD. The completed log can be displayed in the RockPlot2D window.

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Feature Level: RockWorks Basic and higher

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Step-by-Step Summary

Follow these steps to create a 2-dimensional (flat) strip log of a single borehole. The borehole can be vertical (no downhole survey information in the Orientation table) or inclined or deviated (with downhole survey information).

  1. Access the Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. Enter/import your data into the Borehole Manager database, if necessary.
  3. In the list along the left side of the Borehole Manager window, click on the name of the borehole whose data is to be displayed in the log, so that it is shown as the active borehole.
  4. Be sure the check-box to the left of the borehole name is checked so that the borehole is enabled.
  5. Select the Borehole Operations | Striplogs | 2D Striplog menu option.
  6. Establish the settings, as described above.
  7. Be sure to click on the Striplog Design tab to establish the layout of the log diagram.
  8. Click on the Continue button to proceed.

    The program will create a 2D, projected view of the data contained in the selected borehole, reading its data from the borehole database. Only the log items you have activated will be displayed in the log. If requested, the log will be displayed in a RockPlot2D tab in the Options window.

  9. You can adjust any of the settings in the Main Options tab on the left and click the Continue button to regenerate the log.
    ! Tip: You can undock the plot window using the button. Then choose a different borehole name and create another log.
  10. View / save / manipulate / print / export the log in the RockPlot2D window.

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