Borehole Data Tables - Summary

The Borehole Manager database offers individual data tables for entering the different types of downhole data. For example, the borehole location information is entered into the "Location" table. if your well is inclined or deviated, you can enter the downhole survey information in the "Orientation" table. If you have downhole stratigraphy data, you can enter these intervals into the "Stratigraphy" table.

When you add a new borehole to a project, the program will display a blank suite of data tables, each with a button tab that lists its name.

Simply click on a tab to bring that table to the front for entering your data; for example, click on the Stratigraphy tab to enter the downhole formation depths.

This section discusses the different data tables and how you enter the data. Click on an underlined item for more information.

! The Location table must be filled out for each borehole, but the others may be left blank.

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