Establish General Program Preferences
RockWorks | Setup | Preferences

The Preferences menu option (available in the Setup button at the top of the main program window) is used to establish some general operational settings for the program. These are global settings that will not change as you work in different projects. Click on a topic below to jump to its description.

On Startup
User Interface
Borehole Orientations
Decimal Places
Diagram Scaling
Help System
Image Format
New Projects
PLSS Land Grid
Project Manager


On Startup - Use these settings to determine program behavior on startup. (Changes will take effect the next time that RockWorks is launched.)

User Interface - Use these settings to adjust the program display.

Borehole Orientations - Use these settings to fine-tune how the program converts depths to XYZ coordinates and handles "noisy" surveys.


Decimal Places - Use these settings to define the number of decimal places for coordinates and other real numbers in the program.

Diagram Scaling - Use this option to define how the program will scale the items within graphic diagrams.

Help System - Use these settings to tell RockWorks the location from which it should load the Help messages. Help messages are displayed within the "Instructions" pane in the program windows, and via the Help | Contents menu option.

Image Format - Use this setting to choose the default file type for graphic exports. Choose from one of the displayed raster image formats.

New Projects - If you aren't using the default SQLite database type or the assumed settings, you can use these settings to streamline the process of setting up a new project database (SQL Server, etc.). These options are displayed in the New-Project window under the advanced settings; if you set them up here they'll become defaults when you create your next new project.
! Don't edit these unless you need to customize the process of creating a new database because of a different provider (SQL Server) or specific login requirements.

PLSS Land Grid - Use these settings to tell the program which library of Range/Township/Section locations you wish to use for converting PLSS descriptions to XY coordinates, or for creating section or lease maps.

Project Manager: The Project Manager is a dockable/undockable program tab where you can see an organized list of files and tables in the current project folder and database. Click here to set up how the Project Manager pane will be displayed.

Project Manager





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