Enter Downhole Colors

The Borehole Manager’s Colors table is used to enter one or more depth intervals for each borehole and the representative color for the rock, soil, or core sample for that interval. These color blocks can be displayed in 2D and 3D striplogs and log sections. They can be interpolated into a solid color model using the tools in the Colors menu.

The Color data can be typed in by hand, as described below, or imported from another source. You may leave this table blank if you have no color data.

See also
     Lithology data and Stratigraphy data for information about entering downhole rock types and formation names, also associated with graphic colors (and patterns) in logs and sections.
     Well Construction data for information about entering downhole construction materials that allow multiple color/pattern columns.

  1. Access the Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. Create a new well if necessary, or click on the existing well to be edited.
  3. Click on the Colors table for the well. If it is not visible, use the scroll buttons at the bottom of the tab listing to bring lower tabs into view.

These instructions are for hand-entering the data; please see the links at the end of this topic for other options.

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