Create a New Borehole Record
Borehole Manager | Edit | New Borehole

Use this menu option to create a new borehole or well record in the current project database, for entry of that well's data.

To create a new well in the existing project, follow these steps:

  1. If necessary, access the project folder that contains the project to which you wish to add the new well. Or, create a new project as necessary for the new wells you will enter.
  2. Access the Borehole Manager as necessary, by clicking on the Borehole Manager tab along the top of the program window.
  3. Select the Edit | New Borehole command.
  4. A new entry will be displayed in the borehole listing to the left, with an asterisk and a blank name, and with a blank Location table.
  5. Enter the required fields for the borehole by clicking in the prompt boxes and typing or pasting in the information.
  6. Choose a map Symbol for the borehole, by clicking on the displayed symbol, and selecting a design and color from the displayed listing. These vector symbols are used in RockWorks maps and logs.
  7. Choose a Raster Symbol for the borehole, by clicking on the current default, and selecting a symbol from the displayed list. These raster symbols are used in Google Earth maps.
  8. When you have entered all of the Location fields, you can post them to the database by clicking on any other borehole name in the listing.
  9. Now you can enter/import downhole data for this hole, create a new record for another borehole, etc.

! Note that any existing grid (surface) or solid (block) models you've already created without the new borehole will NOT be automatically updated to reflect the data change. You'll need to re-generate models and graphics.



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