Relabel Your Project Coordinates

Use the Reassign button in the Project Settings | Coordinates pane to set the project to a different coordinate system but not change any of your existing data.

To access this pane, click on the small button to the left of the project folder name. This toggles between "+" (expanding) and "-" (hiding) the Project Settings tabs.

! This program does not change any of the data itself. It simply changes the labels which are displayed in the Borehole Manager's Location table. It also changes the coordinate system to be used for your output models and graphics, as displayed in the Project Settings | Coordinates pane.

Example: You created your new project with map locations and output coordinates defined as UTM meters, and you have imported the data assuming this is the case. But you export your map to Google Earth and realize the locations are way off. Your client then advises you that the map coordinates are actually in the State Plane system, and represent feet. You can use this program to relabel the coordinate system and units, without changing any of the actual numbers.


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Step-by-Step Summary

Borehole Data:

  1. Open the project whose coordinates you wish to relabel.
  2. Expand the Project Settings pane if necessary.
  3. Click on the Coordinates tab, and click on the Reassign button.
  4. Make your coordinate selection, as described above.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. RockWorks will display a window where you can confirm this change; click Yes to continue or No to cancel the label change.
  7. If you choose Yes, RockWorks will change the coordinate system label under the Project Settings | Coordinates tab and (if applicable) the Units labels in the Dimensions pane. If you are working in the Borehole Manager, the labels will also be changed on the Location table.

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