Reproject Your Project Coordinates

Use the Reproject button in the Project Settings | Coordinates pane to set the project to a different coordinate system and reproject your existing borehole coordinates to the new system.

To access this pane, click on the small button to the left of the project folder name. This toggles between "+" (expanding) and "-" (hiding) the Project Settings tabs.

! This program will convert your actual borehole location coordinate values.

Example: You created your new project with map locations and output coordinates defined as State Plane feet, and you have imported the data in this format. But your client then advises you that their data, which you will be appending to your project database, are in UTM meters. In order to merge the new data with your current data, you can use this program to reproject your borehole data to UTM meters.


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Step-by-Step Summary

Borehole Data:

  1. Open the project whose coordinates you wish to reproject.
  2. Expand the Project Settings pane if necessary.
  3. Click on the Coordinates tab, and click on the Reproject button.
  4. Make your coordinate selection, as described above.
  5. Click Finish.
  6. RockWorks will display a window where you can confirm this change; click Yes to continue or No to cancel the label change.
  7. If you click Yes, RockWorks will also give you the chance to create a backup copy of the current database before converting it; we highly recommend selecting Yes to make a backup. It will display the backup file name in a confirmation window.
  8. RockWorks will convert the location coordinates displayed in the Borehole Manager Location table, and will change the output coordinate system and units to your choice.
  9. The program will also offer you the option to scan your boreholes to re-establish your Output Dimensions - the actual coordinates - based on the converted data. You can either do so at this time, or you can scan the holes later, or you can hand-type in the new output coordinates.
    ! Just be sure to do so before creating new maps or models.

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