Custom Coordinate Projections

When you create a new project in RockWorks, one of the parameters you must establish is the coordinate system your borehole locations represent. For the United States the most commonly selected datum is WGS-84 1984 (NAD-83). Another standard system we offer is US State Plane. RockWorks also offers a "local' system which can be any cartesian X, Y system.

But if your coordinates are not listed here - such as a UTM with a different datum, or one of the hundreds of projections outside the United States - do not worry. RockWorks offers hundreds of global coordinate projections, as well as the ability to define a custom projection for your project and data coordinates. This is offered through the "Proj4" set of codes. You can access these via the Other tab in all coordinate-selection windows.

Note:Proj4 assumes that feet means International feet, although you can set a custom parameter for something different:
+units=us-ft for U.S. Surveyor´s Foot
+units=ind-ft for Indian Foot

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