Opening an Existing Datasheet (ATD)
RockWorks | Datasheet | File | Open

This topic discusses the steps to open a RockWorks datasheet created in an earlier version of RockWorks (2002 - 15).

  1. To open an existing datasheet that was saved in RockWorks2002 - RockWorks15 and has an ".ATD" file name extension, you have several routes:
    1. Using the Project Manager:
      • Use this method if you have copied your older-version ATD files into the current RockWorks project folder.
      • Find the Project Manager tab in the main RockWorks program window.
      • Expand the "Datasheet Files" heading.
      • Double-click on the "atd" file name that you wish to open.

    2. Using File | Open:
      • Access the Datasheet program tab.
      • Select the File | Open command.
      • In the Open-File window, set the File Type to "RW15 Datasheet files (*.atd)" option.
      • Browse for the existing RockWorks ".atd" file you wish to open. You may need to access a different project folder.
      • Click on the desired file name to select it, then click the Open button to continue.

  2. Once the file has been opened, choose File | Save As to save the ATD file under the newer rwDat format, in the current project folder.
  3. If this datasheet contains spatial data (X,Y coordinates and/or elevations), you'll need to define the coordinate details. See Defining your Datasheet Coordinates.

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