Changing Column Titles, Styles, and Units

RockWorks | Datasheet | Columns | Column Properties

Use this Datasheet menu option to change the text displayed in the column headings, to change the units for any spatial data, and to change the style in which data are displayed in the columns. The datasheet allows graphic symbols, lines, colors, and patterns to be displayed in columns, as well as basic alphanumeric text. You can also set up cells to link to other files. The column characteristics are accessed in the Datasheet Setup pane on the right side of the wndow. The column characteristics are stored in a header block in the rwDAT file.

  1. Access the RockWorks Datasheet program tab.
  2. Open the datasheet to be manipulated.
  3. Locate the Datasheet Setup pane along the right side of the datasheet. (If this is not visible, select the Datasheet | View | Column Properties command, or right-click in the column heading area - the gray part - and select the Column Properties option.)

  4. Use the Previous or Next arrow buttons to advance/backtrack to the column you wish to modify.

  5. To change the column's Title, click in the Title cell and edit/replace the existing text. We recommend that you limit the column names to 20 characters, including spaces.
  6. To change the column Type, click in the appropriate radio button. If requested, you'll also need to specify the Units.

  7. Repeat this process for as many columns as you wish in the scrolling list, by clicking in each cell and choosing a type.

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