Import Data from Excel or Text into the Location Table
Borehole Manager | File | Import | Excel | Column Based | Location
Borehole Manager | File | Import | Text | Column Based | Location

These Borehole Manager programs are used to read row and column data from a single worksheet in Excel file or from a single text (CSV, tab-delimited) file, and import the rows and columns into the Location table for a single borehole or for multiple boreholes. This import functions similar to the Location import in the Row Based Excel import, just simplified to exclude the import of other data. This import works with XLSX, XLS, CSV, and TXT files, provided that Microsoft Excel is installed on the user's machine.

Here is an example of the kind of Excel data that can be brought into RockWorks using this program; this subset lists the borehole ID in the first column, and the 5 required fields: Easting, Northing, Elevation, Collar Elevation, and Total Depth. You can also import any number of additional columns into other coordinate fields or customized fields.

! This import program allows you to import one or many columns from the spreadsheet.

! This program allows you to append new data from Excel to existing location records in RockWorks, to replace all existing location data, or to create new borehole records entirely.

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Access the RockWorks Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. If necessary, browse to the project folder in which you want to work.
  3. Select the File | Import | CSV | Column Based | Location menu option to import from CSV.
    Select the File | Import | Excel | Column Based | Location menu option to import from XLS or XLSX.
  4. Click on each of the import wizard's tabs and enter the data as described above.
  5. Click the Import button to proceed.
  6. If you have requested any warning for duplicate file names, the program will issue such warning(s) during import; respond as you see fit for each warning.

The program will read the specified XLSX, XLS, CSV, or TXT file. It will extract the data from the requested input data columns and map them to the indicated database fields for the indicated boreholes.

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