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Use this program to interactively select the depths to stratigraphic tops and bases, from geophysical, lithology, or other available data. This is one of the most powerful tools in this program since it lets you visualize existing lithology blocks or geophysical curves in a 2D display, and then point-and-click to pick the stratigraphic contacts. The contact depths are recorded in the project’s Stratigraphy table.

! This tool will assign formation depths assuming vertical boreholes. If your boreholes are deviated, you may need to eventually edit by hand the picked formation depths, based on how the stratigraphic surfaces or log intervals look when displayed in diagrams that can accommodate the borehole’s deviated downhole trace.

You can display an unlimited number of boreholes in the stratigraphy picker display (the equal-spacing option makes it easy to view many at once), though screen real estate may still be a limitation. You can add new formations on the fly within the stratigraphy picker.

See Picking Lithology Intervals for a similar tool for picking non-ordered lithology intervals from logs.

Feature Level: RockWorks Basic and higher

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Step-by-Step Summary

Because the stratigraphy picker displays known data in two or more vertical striplogs, these options will look just like those for the 2D Section diagram in the Striplogs menu. Be sure to follow very carefully the steps listed in the Step-by-Step section below.

See also: Contact Picker Options

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