Drawing a Hole to Hole Section Trace

Selecting the Section Location
Importing/Exporting the Section Location

  1. Select the Section option from the Striplogs, Lithology, Stratigraphy, I-Data, T-Data, P-Data, Fractures, Aquifers, Colors, or other menu. You will see a number of options tabs in the program's window.
  2. Click on the Section Location tab to access the section map.

    It will display the well locations as a plan-view map, with boring name and symbol color tied to each well. Any previous panels drawn for this project will also be displayed on the map.

  3. To accept the current selection, simply click back on the Main Options tab to the left to establish/check the other diagram settings. Or, if you're ready to proceed with diagram generation, click the Continue button at the bottom of the window.
  4. To redraw the section line or to add onto the existing section line, follow these steps:

  1. Import: To import a list of section panel endpoints, follow these steps:

    Columns must be separated by Tab characters. The file must be text in format, such as created by Windows notepad.

    Once imported, you'll see the coordinates listed in the Vertices table to the right of the map. You'll also see the represented panels in the display map.

  2. Export: To export the current section panel endpoints (for future use, for scripting, etc.):
  3. Click the Process button to accept the section trace.

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