Import IHS 298 Production Data into the Borehole Manager
Borehole Manager | File | Import | IHS | 298 Production Data

This program is used to import IHS Energy Group's 298 Production Data format files. This data is not supplied with the RockWorks program; you can contact IHS for purchasing details. Both comma-delimited and fixed-field formats are supported. Well coordinates will be converted to the current project coordinate system.

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

File Selection Tab

Borehole Options Tab

Location Fields Use this tab to select which IHS fields are to be mapped to the RockWorks Location fields.

  1. Open the project folder (if necessary) in which the well records are to be created.
  2. Access the Borehole Manager program tab.
  3. Choose the File | Import | IHS | 298 Production Data menu option.
  4. Enter the requested menu options, described above.
  5. Click OK to continue.

    A separate borehole record will be created for each well number, based on the overwrite options you specified.

    The program will either add or update existing wells to the RockWorks Borehole Manager and the production data will be added to the Production table for each well as shown below.

  6. Post import:
    1. Well locations: Check that the Collar Coordinates - Easting and Northing - were computed for all of the wells during import, from either the lon/lat or PLSS coordinates as you selected above.
    2. Elevations and TD: Be sure these required fields are present for all wells before you start mapping/modeling.
    3. Once all of the Location data is entered for all of the wells, be sure to establish your output dimensions prior to mapping/modeling.
  7. Once these have been entered, you can use the Production menu programs to generate charts, graphs, and reports.

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