Update Borehole Symbols Based on Well Status
Borehole Manager | Edit | Update Symbols

Use this program to read a selected field in the database's Location table and update the symbol design for the current/active/all boreholes based on the content of a Well Status reference table. While this is typically used to assign a specific map symbol for wells based on their status ("Oil Well" or "Abandoned"), this can also be used to assign symbols based on any other information - lease name, sub-site, etc.

! This tool requires that your project database has a field in the Location table which contains information on which the symbol assignment can be based. For simplicity's sake we will refer to this field as the Well Status Field. See Setting Up Optional Fields for Borehole Locations for information about how to add or display fields in the Location table.

! This tool also requires that you have defined the relationship between the Well Status Field data entry and the symbol design in the Well Status Table.

Feature Level: RockWorks Basic and higher

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

Follow these steps to update the borehole symbols using this tool.

  1. Access the Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. If necessary, check the Well Status table to be sure your well status terms are defined, and that they are associated with the desired symbols.
  3. If necessary, check your project data to be sure that the well status terms are listed for the applicable boreholes.
    ! Tip: Use the Borehole Manager's File | Locations -> Datasheet menu option to transfer your borehole location fields to the RockWorks datasheet. There, you can quickly view and edit the data. You can transfer the modified data back to the database using the datasheet File | Transfer | Locations -> Borehole Manager menu option.
  4. Backup your database (recommended) using the File | Backup Database menu option.
  5. When you are ready to run the symbol update, select the Edit | Update Symbol Based on Status menu option.
  6. Establish the requested menu options as described above, and click Continue.

For each requested borehole, RockWorks will look at the term listed in the selected Location field, see if it is listed in the Well Status lookup table, and if so, assign the borehole the indicated symbol style and color. Any boreholes for which the term is not listed in the lookup table, the program will either do nothing or assign a default symbol style, as instructed.

When the process is complete, you will be returned to the main menu.


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