Convert XY Coordinates to Polar Coordinates

RockWorks | Utilities | Coords | XY->Polar

This program is used to translate X,Y locations in a Cartesian coordinate format to a polar coordinate format (bearing and distance) assuming a fixed reference point. The resulting coordinates are stored in two columns in the main datasheet.

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Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Access the RockWorks Datasheet program tab.
  2. Create a new datasheet and enter or import the X and Y coordinates, in a Cartesian coordinate system, to be translated.
    Or, open one of the sample files and replace that data with your own. See Data Layout for datasheet examples.

    ! Click the Example button at the top of the window to load a sample file that is installed with the program.

  3. Select the Utilities | Coords | XY -> Polar menu command.
  4. Enter the requested program settings, described above.
  5. Click the Continue button to proceed.

The program will convert the source X,Y coordinates to a polar format as specified and store them in the selected columns in the datasheet. The distance units will represent the same units as the original X and Y coordinates.

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