Creating a New Datasheet
RockWorks | Datasheet | File | New

This program is used to close any current datasheet and create a new, blank datasheet (RwDAT file). You can choose:

  1. Access the RockWorks "Datasheet" program tab.
  2. Select the File | New menu option. You'll see a pop-up menu.

  3. If there have been changes in the existing datasheet that have not yet been saved, the program will prompt you whether you wish to save them.
  4. If you selected Use Template, browse to the location of the ".RwDatTemplate" file you've previously saved. Select the template you wish to use, and click the Open button.

    If you selected the Use Existing File As Template option, browse to the location of the existing ".RwDAT" file you wish to use as the layout template for your new data file. Select the file you wish to use, and click the Open button.
  5. The program will display a new, untitled datasheet, with the layout you selected. The file will be displayed as untitled in the lower status bar.


  6. Now you can enter data, import data, update the column headings and units, and more.

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