Open a RockWorks17 Project Folder
Project Folder | Open

Each project you work on in RockWorks must have its own folder, called a Project Folder, on your computer. The Project Folder is where the following items are stored:

! We have made slight changes to the internal structure of the SQLite database since RockWorks17. When you open an existing RockWorks17 project, a copy of it will be created, the database updated, and a new folder will be created. Thus, your original project won't be affected.

! All RockWorks17 datasheet (.rwDat), grid (.rwGrd), solid model (.rwMod), 2D graphic (.rw2D), 3D graphic (.rw3D) and ReportWorks (.rwRpt) files are fully usable between versions.

Step-by-Step Summary

Follow these steps to open a RockWorks17 project:

  1. Click on the Project Folder | Open menu option.

  2. Use the Browse button to browse for the folder in which the RockWorks17 project is stored and click OK.
    ! You need to select the name of the FOLDER; the program is not asking you to select the name of any particular file.
    ! Don't select the "System" folder inside your project folder.
  3. The program will display a window that reads:

    This project appears to be a RockWorks17 project.
    "full project path"

    To upgrade a RockWorks15/16/17 project to the new format, a new project folder
    and database will be created and your old RockWorks project data copied into it.

    Do you wish to proceed?

  4. Click No to cancel this process and return to the previous project folder.
    Click Yes to continue with the process of opening and updating a RockWorks17 project folder.

    If you select Yes, you'll be presented with a series of screens where you will define the location of the new project folder, the coordinate system and units for the existing project, and the output coordinates for the new project.

  5. Folder tab: Use this tab to define the folder for the new, updated version of your RockWorks17 project.
  6. Project Template
  7. Project Coordinates - You won't be able to change the settings on this tab at this time, since your RockWorks17 project already has coordinate and unit information saved in the database. After the update process is complete, you can change the coordinate labels or reproject the coordinate values as necessary.
  8. When you have made all of your selections, click the Finish button to proceed.

The existing RockWorks17 project will be copied into the new folder and loaded into the Borehole Manager. You'll see the boreholes in that project now listed in the Name pane, and their data loaded into the data tables.

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