Importing Grid Models in Other Formats

RockWorks | ModOps | Grid | Import

This program is used to read an existing set of gridded data stored in one of the accepted formats and translate the data into a RockWorks grid file format. This tool also imports raster images (JPG or BMP) and translates them into a grid format.

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

This program requires that a non-RockWorks-format grid model exists, ready for import.

  1. Select the ModOps | Grid | Import menu option.
  2. Enter the requested menu settings, described above.
  3. Click the Process button to proceed.

    The program will read the input grid file and translate it into a RockWorks grid file format. The requested diagram(s) will be displayed in a RockPlot2D tab and/or RockPlot3D tab in the Options window.

  4. You can adjust any of the settings in the Options window and then click the Process button again to regenerate the diagram(s).
  5. View / save / manipulate / export / print the diagram in the RockPlot2D or RockPlot3D window.

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