Other Location Coordinate Projections

When you create a new project in RockWorks, you are asked to define for the program the coordinate system and units that you'll be using to enter your data and create output models/maps/diagrams. These are displayed on the Collar Coordinates tab, and it is there that you'll enter the Easting and Northing (X and Y) for each borehole. The Collar Coordinates tab is where you enter all of the required location fields.

However, if you (1) have other coordinates you wish to store for the hole and/or (2) need to compute the project coordinates from these other coordinates, you can use the Other Coordinate Projections tab in the Location table to enter the borehole's coordinates in any other coordinate system.

For example, if you know the longitude and latitude coordinates for the borehole, you can enter (or import) these here for reference.

You can enter or import as many of the other coordinate systems as you like.

Other Coords tab options:

See the links below for bulk coordinate conversion tools.

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