Create a New RockWorks Project - Coordinate Options

Use the Project Coordinates tab in the Create New Project Wizard window to define the coordinate system and units that will be used to store your data and create your output models and diagrams.

Why specify coordinate projection and units? By defining the RockWorks project space you can bring in data from other applications (such as geo-referenced aerial photos) and have things line up right. You can also export to geo-referenced applications like Google Earth very easily.

? Don't know your coordinate projection? No problem. You can just define a generic system ("local coordinates"). If you ever want to assign a projection or re-project the coordinates, there are tools for that, as well.

! If you have requested that the new project be based on an existing project, it will use that project's coordinate system.

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RockWorks will proceed to create the new folder, database, etc. as described in the Introduction.

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