Compute Collar Coordinates from Other Coordinates

Borehole Manager | Edit | Coordinate Converter to Easting/Northing

Use this program to compute borehole Eastings and Northings (in the Location table's Collar Coordinates tab) from coordinates currently stored in the Other Coordinate Projections tab. RockWorks will convert the coordinates based on the project's current coordinate system.

Example: Let's say you have only longitude and latitude coordinates for your borehole locations, which you have imported into and are displayed in the Other Coordinate Projections tab. The Collar Coordinates tab shows your coordinate system (set up when you created your project) as UTM meters, WGS-84 (NAD-83), Zone 13. But, the Eastings and Northings are all set to "0". Since it's the Collar Coordinates which are required for mapping and modeling, you can use this Coordinate Converter program to compute these Eastings and Northings in bulk from the available lon/lat values.

! This program offers an initial database backup, and the option to convert only the holes where the Easting and Northing are not set (e.g. values of "0").

See also
     The To Easting/Northing button on the Other Coords data tab for coordinate calculations for individual holes.

Feature Level: RockWorks Basic and higher

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Access the Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. If necessary, disable any holes whose Collar Coordinates are not to be computed.
  3. Select the Edit | Coordinate Converter to Easting/Northing menu option.
  4. Enter the requested menu options, described above.
  5. Click the Continue button to proceed.
  6. When prompted if you wish to first make a backup copy of the current database, choose Yes or No as you wish. (We recommend Yes.)
  7. If a backup was requested, RockWorks will notify you of the name and location of the backup archive - click OK to continue.

The program will read the selected coordinates listed in the Other Coordinate Projections tab for the requested boreholes and translate them to the current project coordinate system, recording the new coordinates in the Collar Coordinates tab Easting and Northing fields. It will display a window notifying you of the number of holes which were converted.

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