Creating Rose Diagram Maps from Fracture Data

RockWorks | Borehole Manager | Fractures | Rose Map

This program reads fracture data for all enabled boreholes and generates a directional diagram for each hole that depicts the orientations of the features. The individual diagrams are then displayed at the borehole locations on a plan-view map.

See also: Creating Individual Rose Diagrams from Fracture Data

Feature Level: RockWorks Standard and higher

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

Menu Options 

Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Access the RockWorks Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. Enter/import your fracture data.
  3. Enable the boreholes whose fracture data is to be represented in the map.
  4. Select the Fractures | Rose Map menu option.
  5. Enter the requested menu settings, described above.
  6. Click the Process button to proceed.

For each borehole, the program will generate a rose diagram that depicts the orientations of the fracture bearings. It will build a map of these rose diagrams, placing the rose center at the borehole location.  The completed map will be displayed in a RockPlot2D tab in the Options window.

  1. You can adjust any of the options along the left and click the Process button to regenerate the map.

    Each time you click the Process button, the existing display will be replaced. 
  2. View / save / manipulate / print / export the map in the RockPlot2D window.

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