Import an RwMnu file into a Playlist

File | Import RwMnu File

As described in the topic Add Programs to a Playlist, the main function of a playlist is to automate program functions. You can add a program to the playlist by clicking the Playlist button at the top of the individual program window.

There is another way to add a program to a playlist, via its RwMnu file.

Let's say your co-worker has created a contour map for a particular component in one of your organization's projects, and you would like to add that to a playlist you are building to automate the report-generating process. They simply need to open that program, click Settings | Save Current Menu Settings to RwMnu File, and assign a name to the RwMnu file. They can email the RwMnu file to you and you import it right into your growing playlist.

! The number of items you can save and run in a Playlist is dependent on the feature level of RockWorks:

  1. Save the RwMnu file for the program you wish to add to the playlist, and all of its settings.
  2. Click on the Playlist tab in the main RockWorks program window.
  3. If necessary, open the existing playlist to which you want to add item, or create a new playlist for the item.
  4. Select the File | Import RwMnu File menu option at the top of the playlist pane.
  5. Browse for the name of the RwMnu file that contains the program and settings you wish to add.
  6. When prompted, define whether the imported item is to replace all of the current playlist items OR be appended to the end of the current playlist. You can also Cancel the import, if desired.

The program will be added to the playlist as requested. Note that RwMnu files utilize default program names for the playlist item title, use the Rename button if you wish to change how the item is displayed in the playlist.

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