Open a Playlist
RockWorks | Playlist | Open

Use the Open button or the File | Open menu option to open an existing playlist into the player for editing or processing.

! You can also open a playlist by double-clicking on an ".RwPlaylist" file in the Project Manager.

  1. Click on the Playlist tab in the main RockWorks program window.
  2. Click on the Open button . Or select the File | Open menu option at the top of the Playlist pane.

  3. If there is an existing playlist in the player and it has not been saved, you will be prompted whether to save it. Click Yes to save the current playlist before closing, click No to close the current playlist without saving, or click Cancel to cancel the open-playlist operation.
  4. Browse for the name of the exising playlist file (.RwPlaylist) that you wish to open.

The playlist will be displayed in the player.

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