Back Up and Restore Your Database
Borehole Manager | File | Backup Database
Borehole Manager | File | Restore Database

Use the Backup Database tool to make a backup copy of the current .sqlite project database and the project's data dictionaries. We generally recommend that you do this from time to time, particularly before importing data, deleting data, or filtering data, should you inadvertently make changes you don't wish to keep. You can use the Restore Database option to restore a backup copy as current.

  1. Access the Borehole Manager as necessary.
  2. Open the project to be backed up.
  3. Select the File | Backup Database command.

    The program will create a .Zip file in a sub-folder named "Backup," containing a copy of the current project database plus the data dictionaries in the "System" sub-folder . For example, making a backup of the project database "\Samples\Samples.sqlite" creates the file: "\Samples\Backup\". If there is already a file "" backed up, it will create "" and so on.
  4. Should you need to restore this copy of the database at a later date, select the File | Restore Database command.
  5. The program will prompt you to select which backup copy you wish to restore. If there is more than one name displayed, remember that the one with the highest number is the most recent.

! Remember that RockWorks requires that each project has its own folder on your computer, and each folder has a single .sqlite database file with the same name. RockWorks also supports .mdb databases.

! If you're working with a SQL Server database, it is assumed that backups are being done outside RockWorks. Should you wish to create periodic backups within RockWorks, use the Archive Database to Text option.

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