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RockWorks16 and earlier versions defaulted to Microsoft Access-compatible "MDB" databases. This used to work well since the engines for this type of database were built into Windows; you did not even need to have Access installed to be able to use a RockWorks MDB database. This support was via Microsoft's "Jet" database engine.

However, since Microsoft has dropped support for this type of database, we have changed RockWorks (v. 17 on) to default to a SQLite database, for which all required components are installed with RockWorks. It should no longer rely on Microsoft Windows or Microsoft Office for files to support the new project databases you create in RockWorks.

Here's the rub: If you need to open one of your older RockWorks16 or RockWorks15 MDB-based projects, RockWorks will rely on a database "driver" from Microsoft to be able to open the older MDB and convert it to the newer SQLite format. The name of this driver is "ACEODBC.DLL." If you do not have the 64-bit version of this driver installed, you may see a warning about this when trying to open an older project folder into RockWorks20x. The warnings might look like this:

Solutions: As of this writing, the three known solutions are:


RockWorks always tries to catch errors that occur during program operation and display gentle, helpful warning messages about why the operation was terminated. However, there are times when a program or system error slips by and causes the display of a message that's anything but informative. The list below is not comprehensive, but might help troubleshoot the source of the error.

! Please also visit our support forum for user postings about tips and error messages.

Invalid Floating Point Operation, Floating Point Overflow: This generally means there's something wrong with the input to the program, often relating to issues of dividing by zero or having dimensions of zero. Check your data and the program settings (sorry to be so vague, but it's a pretty generic error). Examples:

Invalid Variant Type Conversion: This error can sometimes occur during import of Excel data. Check your numeric fields (specifically depths) to be sure there are not invalid numbers listed (e.g. #REF).

Draw Failed 1281 Invalid Value: This error has been known to occur if you are trying to print a detailed RockPlot3D image. Try changing from Hardware Acceleration to Software Acceleration in the RockPlot3D Help | About | OpenGL Troubleshooting.

Read Beyond End of File: This error can occur if you have selected a file to be input to the program and it's not the right type of file for the selected operation.

Input/Output Errors

Program Library Errors

The Borehole Manager File menu contains these tools which can help to prevent and overcome data errors:

The Borehole Manager Edit menu contains these tools which can update/correct data entries:

RockWare frequently posts new versions of RockWorks to our web site. Use the Preferences | General Program Settings | Updates | Check RockWare Website for Newer Version On Startup option to have the program check for updates when it is launched. Or, use the Help | Updates | Check For Updates menu option to look for updates right now. Or, you can visit the Product Updates page on the RockWare website. Updates can be installed right over the top of the existing installation, and your licensing should be remembered.

! New versions are available only with current maintenance.

Technical staff hours is typically 9 - 4 mountain time. When you contact us, please be sure to include the revision number of the program (visible at the bottom-right corner of the main program window, and in Help | About), your license registration number, the version of Windows you are using, what you are trying to do in the program, and whether you are seeing an error.

Critical errors generate a "bug report" that can be automatically sent to the RockWare support staff. This report keeps us from asking a bunch of obnoxious questions about your machine configuration and exactly where the bug occurred.

Here is a full description of the error windows:

We generally recommend you click the "Report Error / Restart" button, then click the Send Bug Report button to email the report to


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