Displaying Bitmap Images as Vertical Panels

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Vertical (Images -> 3D Panels )

Use this program to display vertical bitmaps representing hand-drawn sections, seismic sections, GPR profiles, etc. in three-dimensions.  

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Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

Menu Options

Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Access the RockWorks Utilities program tab.
  2. Open a data file that contains a listing of bitmap image names and their lower-left and upper-right real-world coordinates. These could be, for example, scanned images of 2D seismic or ground penetrating radar sections.
  3. Select the Imagery | Vertical (Images -> 3D Panels) menu option.
  4. Enter the menu settings as described above.
  5. Click the Process button to continue.

The program will read the indicated bitmap image(s), assign them the indicated coordinates, and display them as vertical panels in a RockPlot3D tab in the Options window.

  1. You can adjust any of the options along the left (such as transparent color) and click the Process button to regenerate the 3D image.
    Each time you click the Process button, the existing display will be replaced. 
  2. View / save / manipulate / print / export the image in the RockPlot3D window. 

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