Import Data from Excel or Text into Column-Based Borehole Tables
Borehole Manager | File | Import | Text | Column-Based menu options
Borehole Manager | File | Import | Excel | Column-Based menu options

These Borehole Manager programs are used to read data from a single worksheet in Excel file or from a single txt file, and import the data into a single table, for one borehole or for multiple boreholes. This is designed for users who have stratigraphic or analytical data which can't be easily brought into the RockWorks database using the Row-Based Excel import program because of formatting. The import works with XLSX, XLS, CSV, and TXT files, provided that Microsoft Excel is installed on the user's machine.

Here is an example of the kind of Excel data that can be brought into RockWorks using this tool; this subset lists the borehole ID in the first column, measurement depth intervals in the next 2 columns, and different assay measurements in columns 4 - 9. The columns can be in any order.

Excel example

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