Saving a Datasheet as a Template
RockWorks | Datasheet | File | Save As Template

Use this menu option to save your current data file as a datasheet template - with column headings, styles, and units, but with no data. Using templates can be a handy way to format new datasheets quickly.

  1. Click on the Datasheet tab in the main RockWorks program window.
  2. Select the File | Save As Template menu command.
  3. The program will display a dialog box where you can specify the name under which the datasheet template is to be saved.
  4. File Name: Type in the name to assign to the template. Datasheet templates are stored with an "RwDatTemplate" file name extension. The default path will be the current project folder.
  5. Click the Save button.

The program will save the datasheet layout - column titles, column styles, and units if applicable - on disk under the specified file name. The current datasheet will remain open.

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