Transferring Borehole Locations from the Datasheet to the Borehole Manager
RockWorks | Datasheet | File | Transfer | Locations -> Borehole Manager

This program is used to read specific data fields from the RockWorks datasheet and record them in the Borehole Manager Location table. This can be useful if you have done some coordinate manipulation to row/column data in the Datasheet tab and want the new coordinates to be represented in the Borehole Manager's records. Or, this can also be a handy way to start a new set of borehole records with location information for a new project.

! It is not required that any borehole data even exist in the Borehole Manager to import this data – any wells that are referenced in the datasheet that don’t already exist will be created. If the borehole record already exists, the transferred data will update (overwrite) any existing data.

! The transfer program offers mapping of the columns to specific fields in the borehole database's Location tables. The Name field is required.

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

When you select this option, the program will display the following window which will be used to map the columns to specific Location fields in the database.

  1. For each column in the datasheet that you wish to transfer, which will be displayed along the left side of this window, pick the Location Database Field Name (along the right) to which the data is to be transferred. For example, if the column named "TD" in the datasheet represents total depth for the well, you can select the TotalDepth database field.
  2. If you don't want to transfer a column of data to the borehole database (say, you don't want to overwrite an existing data field) you can remove the Database Fieldname that is shown, but clicking on that name, scrolling upward in the name listing, and selecting the blank item at the top of the list.

  3. If you need to add fields to the Borehole Database follow these steps:
    1. Under Database Fieldname choose the <New> option.
    2. Type in the name to assign to the new field and click OK.

  1. Access the RockWorks Datasheet program tab..
  2. Open the project folder (if necessary) where the borehole database resides.
  3. Open, import, or paste into the datasheet the location data to be posted to the Borehole Manager.
  4. Choose the File | Transfer | Locations -> Borehole Manager menu option.
  5. Map the columns you wish to transfer to their respective database fields, as described above.
  6. Click OK to continue.

The program will read the borehole names from the specified column in the current datasheet. For each row in the datasheet, it will check whether a borehole with that name already exists. If it does, it will post any listed information to that borehole record (overwriting any existing data – be careful). If it does not, it will create a borehole record with that name and post all listed information to its location table.

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