Import Fugro CPT Data into the P-Data Table
Borehole Manager | File | Import | Fugro CPT | P-Data

Use this program to import into the current borehole's P-Data table the data contained in a Fugro Cone Penetrometer data file. You can select which of the tip, sleeve, pore pressure, and f-ratio data are to be imported.

If you are importing new data types (tracks) into the database, these will be appended to the borehole's record. If you are importing data into existing data types in the database, any existing data for those tracks will be overwritten.

Menu Options
Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Access the Borehole Manager.
  2. Select the borehole for which the data is to be imported, by clicking on its name in the borehole listing.
  3. If you have not already done so, assign the titles for the columns in the P-Data table. You can do this by clicking the P-Data Types button in the data table, or by double-clicking on the P-Data Types item in the Project Manager | Project Tables | Types Tables heading.
    For example, you could assign a column named "Tip" for tip data, "Sleeve" for sleeve data, etc.
    ! Note that assigning column names affects the column titles for all boreholes, not just for the current borehole.
  4. Select the File | Import | Fugro CPT | P-Data menu option.
  5. Enter the requested menu information, listed above.
  6. Click the Process button to continue.

The program will read the indicated cone penetrometer data file, extract the depths and geophysical measurements from the file, and list the data in the current borehole's P-Data table. This process can be repeated for additional boreholes and CPT files.

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