Adjusting Borehole Surface Elevations Based on a Grid Model
Borehole Manager | Edit | Adjust Borehole Elevations Based on a Grid Model

Use this tool to set the surface elevation fields for all enabled boreholes to the value of the closest node within the designated grid (surface) model. This can be a means of extracting borehole elevations from a digital elevation model or other surface model.

Feature Level: RockWorks Basic and higher

  1. Access the Borehole Manager as necessary.
  2. We recommend that you make a backup copy of the existing project database, using the File | Backup Database option.
  3. Enable the boreholes whose surface elevations you wish to modify. Any disabled boreholes will be exempted from this process.
  4. Be sure the input grid model is in a RockWorks rwGrd file format.
  5. Select the Edit | Adjust Borehole Elevations Based on a Grid Model menu option.
  6. Establish the settings as described above.
  7. Click the Continue button to proceed.

    RockWorks will read the indicated rwGrd file, and determine the closest grid node for each active borehole. It will determine the Z value for those grid nodes, and use them as the replacement for the active boreholes' "Z (Elevation)" fields in the Collar Coordinates tab. If you requested a report, the program will display the changes made in a Report window.

  8. You can save or print the report by clicking the Save or Print buttons above the data listing.
  9. Close the Options and Report windows using the Close button (upper-right).


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