Enter Downhole Point Text or P-Text

The Borehole Manager P-Text table is used to enter non-numeric data which were sampled at depth points (with a single depth entry) down the boreholes. This might apply to sample ID's, color descriptions, and other alphanumeric information. This data can be displayed in striplogs.

The P-Text data can be typed in by hand, as described below, or imported from another source. You may leave this table blank if you have no P-Text data.

See also
     P-Data (Points) tabs for entry of numeric data for interpolation
     I-Text for non-numeric data entered with depth intervals

  1. Access the Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. Create a new well if necessary, or click on the existing well to be edited.
  3. Click on the P-Text table for the well.

  4. Define the data columns if necessary: You can have multiple columns in this table, for your different P-Text components; use the P-Text Types button at the top of the table (or the Project Tables | Types Tables | P-Text Types item in the Project Manager) to define these. (More info)

Once you have the data columns defined, you can enter the data. These instructions are for hand-entering the data; please see the links at the end of this topic for other options.

There is no limit to the number of downhole points that you may list for each drill hole.

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