Import Multiple LAS Files
Borehole Manager | File | Import | LAS | Multiple Files

The Borehole Manager's Multiple LAS import program is designed to import all the LAS files in a given directory.

Note: This bulk import of LAS files makes some simplifying assumptions, limiting the flexibility of what is imported. See also: Importing Individual LAS Files which gives much more flexibility as to what to import and where the data goes in RockWorks.

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Step-by-Step Summary

  1. Start up RockWorks as necessary, and open the project folder containing the database into which the imported LAS data is to be imported and stored.
  2. Back up the project database (File | Backup Database) if you wish.
  3. Select the File | Import | Multiple LAS menu option.
  4. Browse for the folder where the LAS files reside, using the Directory for LAS Files prompt.
  5. Type in the names of the curve(s) to import.
    Or, check the List Curves from Scan option and click the Scan LAS Files button to view a summary of the LAS data and post the names of the curves in the Curves to Import window.
  6. If you have existing wells in the database to which the LAS data is to be appended, use the Link to Borehole On options to specify how the LAS and project wells are to be matched.
  7. Choose whether new boreholes and curves are to be added to the database.
  8. Choose whether to import well survey data by clicking the Orientation Options button.
  9. Use the Data Options tab to apply any filters.
  10. When the curves to be imported are listed to your satisfaction, click on the Import Curves button.

The program will add all new curves to the project database P-Data Types, if requested. LAS data for existing boreholes will be posted to the P-Data tables. If a new borehole is added, the Easting, Northing and Elevation will be imported as zero; the Total Depth will be set to the Stop Depth, and API Number set to the API number. All other Well and Parameter Information Block data will be ignored.


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