Enter Downhole Interval or I-Data

The Borehole Manager I-Data table is used to enter numeric data which were sampled at depth intervals (with a depth to top and depth to base) down the boreholes. This might apply to downhole geochemistry values (assays, ppm's) or geotechnical values (blow counts).

The I-Data values can be typed in by hand, as described below, or imported from another source. You may leave this table blank if you have no interval data.

! This table does not accept alphanumeric entries. It accepts numeric values only.

     Interval Text (I-Text) for entry of alphanumeric (text and number) data
     Time-Based Interval (T-Data) for information about numeric data sampled with date records
     Downhole Point (P-Data) for information about entering point-sampled ("curve") data

  1. Access the Borehole Manager program tab.
  2. Create a new well if necessary, or click on the existing well to be edited.
  3. Click on the I-Data tab for the well.

  4. Define the data columns if necessary: You can have multiple columns in this table, for your different I-Data components; use the I-Data Types button at the top of the table (or the Project Tables | Types Tables | I-Data Types item in the Project Manager) to define these. (More info)

Once you have the data columns defined, you can enter the measurements themselves. These instructions are for hand-entering the data; please see the links at the end of this topic for other options.

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